Visits & Tastings

If you love beer or you are just curious, do not miss the chance to visit our brewery, where we explain the process of brewing our craft beers on our equipment; from the selection of malts to the maceration, filtration, boiling, fermentation tanks until bottling line and labeling.

After that, there’s a tasting of our LA SAGRA and Burro de Sancho beers, explaining each of their styles.

Saturdays at 11.15h (except long weekends or holidays).

August Saturdays will be passed to the previous Friday at 18.00h.

The tour lasts between 45-75 min.

You can book your visit to our brewery:

  • By calling +34 925 51 52 76
  • Sending an email to info@cervezalasagra.es
  • In the reservation module located on the right of this section.

We will contact you as son as possible to confirm the booking.


  • Visit to our brewery
  • 3 Beers tasting
  • 1 LA SAGRA glass 29,5 cl FREE

Price: 6€


  • Visit to our brewery
  • Fermenting musts tasting
  • 6 Beers tasting
  • 1 LA SAGRA glass 29,5 cl FREE
  • 1 LA SAGRA 75 cl bottle FREE

Price: 19 €


  • Visit to our brewery

Price: 3€

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