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Beer Style: Pilsner. 4,6 % Vol.

Madrí Excepcional is a unique collaboration between the brewers of La Sagra & Molson Coors, with all the taste characteristics of a Modern European Lager, full of flavour & aroma at 4.6% ABV with a light golden colour.  Crisp, clean & refreshing, Madrí Excepcional has a smooth, well-rounded taste profile with a short, bitter finish.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance – Pours a clear straw to light gold colour, with frothy white head, deep golden-honey colour with good clarity and a medium level of carbonation.

Aroma – Lightly toasted malted bread, mellow hay sweetness with an appealing floral hop aroma. Sweet malt with a hint of caramel. Light bitter hop character. Surprisingly rich, clean and pleasant aroma.

Taste – Its smooth, Crisp, clean and refreshing with a grainy malt flavour which is well balanced by bitterness from the hops. Its deceptively complex in character with rich, sweet malt leads and subtle biscuit and yeasty earthiness. There is also hints of peppery hops with a dry, leafy bitter linger throughout.

Mouthfeel – Easy drinking to medium-bodied full flavour lager.

Finish – It has a short, bitter finish yet clean and balanced which has a gentle fresh, bitter hop linger. Its slight dry and quick to dissipate (clean). Its delicate sweetness giving way swiftly to moderate pleasing bitterness giving it balance, a clean finish and appealing aftertaste.

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