LA SAGRA Pumpkin Ale

Beer style: PUMPKIN ALE. 6,1% Vol.
Cerveza LA SAGRA Pumpkin and Cinammon is the result of our brewmasters efforts to awake palates, dating back to the countryside times. Traditional american beer for seasonal time, with castilian taste.
Tasting notes:
An orange-blonde beer. Dense and velvety body. Intense, sweet and fruity aroma, with soft notes of cinnamon, clove and coriander. With a subtle bitter aftertaste at the end.
Cloudiness and sedimentation are natural.
Ideal for pairing with meats , vegetables, fish and also as an appetizer.
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Technical Info

6,1% vol.
Degrees plato: 14,5.
EBCs: 32.

Serving Tº

Between 4º & 6º to highlight fruit flavors and floral bitterness .


Water, 100% barley malt, pumpkin, hops, cinnamon, clove, coriander and yeast.


33cl Bottle.
Limited edition.