LA SAGRA Blanca de Trigo

Beer style: BELGIAN WHITE. 5,2 % Vol.

Belgium, with its internationally recognized beer culture, is the inspiration behind our Flanders Blanca de Trigo, a wheat beer where you can discover surprising flavours, based on the use of orange peel and spices.

Tasting notes:

use of orange peel and spices.
A smooth and creamy beer with a fruity flavour, touches of citrus and a refreshing floral finish thanks to its content of orange peel and coriander seeds.

Technical Info

5,2% vol.
Degrees plato: 13,5.
EBCs: 10.

Serving Tº

Between 2º & 4º to highlight fruit flavors and floral bitterness .


Water, 100% barley and wheat malts, hops, orange peel, coriander and yeast.


33cl Bottle.
12 units box.
24 units box.