General conditions

GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. OBJECT These General Conditions are intended to regulate the conditions of use and use of the Internet portal located in www.latiendadelacerveza.com www.cervezasagra.es and address of the company that owns Daviyun, SL, registered office at Calle Real 141, Yuncos (Toledo), and whose purpose is the collection, preparation, marketing and dissemination of information through the Internet as well as marketing and selling products. The mere use of the portal attributed to whoever uses it the condition of Customer, who acknowledge and accept without reservation or exception, every one of the General Conditions set out herein. 2. GENERAL INFORMATION 2.1 CORPORATE Latiendadelacerveza.com is a trademark of Daviyun, SL, established in Calle Real 141, Yuncos (Toledo) and CIF: B-45505278 3. TRANSACTIONS 3.1 RATES, CURRENCY AND GEOGRAPHICAL Prices shown on screen are in euros and include VAT Transport costs will be charged separately and will be specified depending on the destination to which the shipment is made. The geographical scope of CervezaSAGRA.es and Latiendadelacerveza.com is Spain Peninsular. For other destinations consult info@cervezasagra.es. Latiendadelacerveza.com reserves the right to make updates of store prices without notice. 3.2 PAYMENT TPV VIRTUAL – Credit card Secure enabled through payment platform BANKIA. The data required for payment Secure on board are: – Card Type. – Card number. – Expiration date. – Name of the owner as listed on the card. – Secret Number. Latiendadelacerveza.com implements the CES (Secure Electronic Commerce), a project proposed by Visa International payment system, with the identification of the user making a payment by credit card online is achieved, and prevents fraudulent use of lost cards or stolen, giving greater security to the user. This protocol uses the CES system for all transactions. The CES includes a system safety: 3D Secure protocol for Visa Europe and SPA / UCAF for Mastercard. In this protocol each user besides his bank card receives a secret code to operate online. If your card is not securized and want to make purchases Latiendadelacerveza.com, ask your bank code. Latiendadelacerveza.com retains ownership of the property of all products sold until the amount has been paid in full; although the product was delivered to the customer. 3.3 BANK TRANSFER TIME WHEN THE AMOUNT For card payments the amount is charged at the time of ordering CHARGED. 3.4 TIME YOU PURCHASE IS CONSIDERED CLOSED In the event that the purchase is made by bank transfer or deposit, purchase not considered effective until Latiendadelacerveza.com not receive a receipt (by e-mail) of the same. 3.5.- DELIVERY Delivery of material was made to the address specified by the customer at the time of purchase or at the listed in our database. The delivery of products will be 48 to 72 hours, depending on product availability and delivery address. If for technical or supply reasons can not be provided these deadlines, we will contact with you., To agree a new delivery. The delivery of the order for those cases where the amount of the purchase is made through bank transfer or deposit run from the day Latiendadelacerveza.com has in his possession a copy of proof of such transfer. In the case of any delay occur in the delivery please contact us via phone 925515276 or by e-mail to info@cervezasagra.es 4. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY The delivery time is 48-72 hours in peninsular Spain. Residents of countries. Purchases made by individuals or legal entities resident in EU countries are exempt from VAT For this system of purchase / delivery and because of its tax system, are considered non-geographical areas the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Please note that the prices quoted for shipping taxes (tariffs) on imports, to be paid in cash on arrival by the receiver of the goods are not included. 5. RETURN POLICY AND REPLACEMENT The client can only make a claim in the following cases: – if the quantity of the goods does not correspond to the order quantity. – If the box has been seriously damaged in a way that affects the quality of the products in which case it must notify the carrier and record this on the delivery note. – If the products received do not correspond to the order placed. In the case of delivery problems or if the customer wishes to make a return, the notice period is five days from receipt of the product. To do this you must contact us by e-mail to info@cervezasagra.es In the case of damage to the packaging, the customer may not accept the shipment, informing the driver of messaging that is rejected, or accept it, indicating the defect in the delivery order and contacting “Latiendadelacerveza.com”, always within 24 hours. Will take care of them and shipping in the case of returns of defective products “Latiendadelacerveza.com”. Shipping costs are borne by the customer when the return does not correspond to defective products. Returns must be made in the original packaging. In the event that the client wanted the payment of the charge and not the replacement of the goods, it will be made within fifteen days from receipt of the merchandise in our stores. 6. SECURE PAYMENT personal details and credit card details are transmitted encrypted with SSL security protocol, so there is no risk for the buyer. The card details are NEVER recorded on our server, encrypted transmitted directly to the bank to approve or disapprove the transaction, without knowing us card information at any time. 7. TERMS OF PRIVACY Latiendadelacerveza.com undertakes to treat this information as confidential, and will take all necessary means at its disposal to do so. Customer agrees that all data supplied at the time is correct and authorizes Latiendadelacerveza.com to incorporate them into a file in order to have him constantly informed of any updates, prices, technical bulletin, etc, that may be of interest. Latiendadelacerveza.com informs the customer that any modification of your data may be performed in the section on personal data each time you log in e-commerce or going to place an order; or likewise may modify or cancel your data, or oppose the sending of information, etc. notification via email info@cervezasagra.es 8. COMMITMENTS Latiendadelacerveza.com is committed to: – Check the correct reception of shipments by buyers. – Answering the claims made in less than 24 hours on weekdays and consultations in less than 72 hours on nonworking days term and communicate their possible delay in case of delays occur, placing the client to a new deadline for reply estimated. – No misleading advertising. All our commercial information will be rigorous, accurate and verified to the best of our ability and means to obtain it. – Do not send commercial information without identifying them as such.

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