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We don’t have hundred of years of history, neither a long brewing tradition in our families, but we are nowadays leading an unstoppable movement in Spain, the craft beer movement.We are a young, fresh company, full of quality beer lovers. We work hard, looking after the small details, to brew a 100% craft beer, made of natural products without chemicals. Despite of what the industrial brands are doing, our target isn’t to brew a huge amount of bottles, and all we add to our beers is in order to improve flavour and aromas.

Day by day, customers understand more and more the efforts we make, and appreciate our “well doing” and work to brew a beer that is different and has a high quality.We strongly believe in a new beer concept, a beer with strength, and original beer which is more than a “soft drink”, a beer with body and soul.

In LA SAGRA beer we are brewing our beers just with the best raw materials, same as was made centuries ago.We innovate, we are original, and each moment and season has a beer to be paired with. Our beer is flavour, passion, quality, tradition and innovation. Our beer is the heart and soul of the craft beer revolution. Our future is still full of victories and wonderful moments beside a LA SAGRA beer.



LA SAGRA Beer logo is formed by a setting sun, the blades of a windmill and a basin. Yes, a basin, that vessel formerly employed barbers for soap, and the famous knight Don Quixote used as a helmet. Perhaps that is why we are all a bit mad.

We take our name from the county of La Sagra (Toledo), where we are based on.

Since its emergence in the heart of Spain, LA SAGRA beers is quickly finding a very loyal audience, desirous of a quality craft beer. LA SAGRA Beer is made from 100 % barley malt and raw materials of Castilla – La Mancha.





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